PCR products were created with the Professional Competition Racer in mind. These high quality parts are milled from the highest grade 7075 CNC aluminum for superior performance and durability. Extra holes allow for optimal adjustment and precise setup. Burrs have been removed and parts shaved and lightened for maximum weight reduction. Made in the USA from Titan Tech.
Put some Pro Comp Research hop-up parts on your car and get ready to win!!
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Front Shock Tower

Part #: 33990

Fits: Ultra Comp

Rear Shock Tower

Part #: 33991

Fits: Ultra Comp

Front Brace

Part #: 33992

Fits: Ultra Comp

Rear Stiffener Brace and Top Plate

Part #: 33993

Fits: Ultra Comp

Rear Block, Upper Front Arm

Part #: 33994

Fits: Ultra Comp

Steering Link Plate

Part #: 33995

Fits: Ultra Comp

Upper Plate, Front Differential

Part #: 33996

Fits: Ultra Comp


Center Differential Top Plate

Part #: 33997

Fits: Ultra Comp

Servo Tray

Part #: 33998

Fits: Ultra Comp






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