PCR products were created with the Professional Competition Racer in mind. These high quality parts are milled from the highest grade 7075 CNC aluminum for superior performance and durability. Extra holes allow for optimal adjustment and precise setup. Burrs have been removed and parts shaved and lightened for maximum weight reduction. Made in the USA from Titan Tech.
Put some Pro Comp Reasearch hop-up parts on your car and get ready to win!!
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Picco Carb Sleeve Insert

Part #: 51298

Fits: OS .21 Carb into a Picco motor

DC Peak Predict Charger

Part #: 91850

Fits: Ni-Cd & Ni-MH, 1-14 cells

Description: Charges receiver packs, radio batteries, and up to 14 cell battery packs at 5 AMPS. Paul guarantees no false peak like others he has tried.

Power Supply

Part #: 92135

Fits: 12 VCD, 10A, 110 VAC

MP 7.5 Adjustable Engine Mount

Part #: 10500

Fits: MP 7.5

Hard Wall Fuel Tubing

Part #: 10178

Fits: all

Description: Hard walled, Anti-crimp, Silicone

Hard Wall Fuel Tubing

Part #: 10179

Fits: all

Description: Hard walled, Anti-crimp, Silicone

1/4 4 Piece Hex Wrench Set

Part #: 19797

Fits: all 1/4 drive tool

Sizes: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3

3 Piece Phillips Screwdriver Set

Part #: 19798

Fits: all



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