Download setup sheets that you can print. Keep track of valueable setup data for easy reference. Define and keep that winning edge with OFNA Racing setup sheets.

We will keep adding setups sheets for various models. Check back periodically to find new setup sheets.

To use these files simply click on the file's link to begin downloading. You can save the file to a familiar location for future reference. Once file has been downloaded, you can begin using it.
To view PDF files, you may need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get it here, it's free.

CD3 Setup Sheet

  Click here for CD3 Blank setup sheet

  Click here for Jeffrey Lin's CD3 setup sheet

X1 CR Setup Sheet

  Click here for X1 CR Blank setup sheet

  Click here for Adam Drake's X1 CR setup sheet (The Dirt & Proline)
  Click here for Dean Sexton's X1 CR setup sheet (Sun Valley)
  Click here for Jay Halsey's X1 CR setup sheet (Perris Racepark)
  Click here for Lance Norick's X1 CR setup sheet (The Farm 1)
  Click here for Mike Dunn's X1 CR setup sheet (The Silverbowl)

LD3 Setup Sheet

  Click here for LD3 Blank setup sheet

  Click here for SNR Steve Nguyen's LD3 setup sheet

Hyper 7 PBS Setup Sheet

  Click here for Hyper 7 PBS Blank setup sheet

Hyper 7 Setup Sheet

  Click here for Hyper 7 Blank setup sheet

  Click here for Ryan Nimori's Hyper 7 setup sheet

OFNA 9.5 Setup Sheet

  Click here for 9.5 Blank setup sheet

  Click here for SNR Steve Nguyen's 9.5 setup sheet












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