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Richard Hess has his run with the X3 Sabre - 8/12/12 by DJ
Reported by Richard Hess - My first big race and only 3rd race this season after a year off,with the X3 Sabre Nitro Buggy and it was awesome. A good turn out for the series at REO Raceway in Rockport Indiana. My X3 has been one of the most durable and fastest nitro buggies I've ever owned. I had worked up to 2nd place against some tough competition but a flame out would cost me a top 3 spot but I'm very happy of the buggies performance in my first pro level race against some of our regions fastest racers...special thanks to OFNA.

An awesome run for Richard, hope to hear more about your runs with the Sabre.

Pierre Kitti takes the overall series win for Grass Roots - 8/05/12 by DJ
Reported by Pierre Kitti - Over the course of the summer, I entered and raced in the Grass Roots Racing Series 2012.  This is a points race that has racers traveling  to compete at different tracks spanning from Thunder Alley, Hemet Competition, Plam desert R/C Raceway, and Proline.  I began racing the Hong Nor X3 Sabre at the begining of May starting with Round 5 with the new buggy.  The first race I entered was at Palm desert R/C Raceway and was set out to get a feel for the track and the new ride.  I was immediately impressed how fast and stable the buggy was!  Having the buggy work so great, led me to qualify 3rd overall and to win 1st place with the new X3 Sabre!  The next race I traveled to was the Proline Racing Track in Banning,Ca for Round 6.  I ended up qualifying 6th and finished the race as well in 6th place.  The car worked really well, but I struggled with the layout.  The next round was race 7 at Hemet Competition Raceway.  The layout proved to be really difficult but was fun at the same time.  I did much better this time around and qualified 2nd and was .1 second away from Tq!  After the 15 minute race was over, I finished 2nd.  The Grass Roots last and final round 8 was at the Famous Thunder Alley Raceway.  I was going into this round standing 2nd overall in the Point Series.  The track crew put in a sick layout as always that tested both the drivers speed and the durability of the cars.  The first round of qualifying went well for me as I ended up in 2nd.  I felt really comfortable with car and decided to only make a tire and droop change for the 2nd round of quals.  After a few minutes into the next round, I had a mechanical problem and finished early.  I had a good clean first round that put me in 6th place for the start of the A-Main.  The race started off really well for me as I was able to drive patiently and not get tangled up with any of the other racers.  After about six minutes into the race I was in the third place position and was running at a smooth pace and shortly after the 8 minute mark my pit man DJ called me in for some fuel.  From then on I cruised the last seven minutes of the race and finished 3rd!  I would like to thank all of the Hong Nor/OFNA Team for their great support and to all the tracks and sponsors that help put together a great Racing Series!
Malott race at SRI Raceway - 7/21/12 by DJ
Reported by Michael Malott - Over the weekend I traveled to Louisville, KY to race the 3rd round of the Local Joe series.
I made up my mind late Friday night to try and go. I scrambled to get my stuff all together and get my Pro 4wd SC truck up and going. I finally got it all done early Saturday morning. I went to sleep about 3am & needless to say after doing all of that I forgot to set my alarm on my phone & I didn't wake up till way late. I made the 2 hr. drive & got there just in time for the first round of quals. I threw on some tires that I ran there the last time I was down there for the 1st qual & I went at the new track layout a little behind. It took me a couple minutes to get the track down & I finally figured out a couple of the tricky sections but by that time the qual was over. I still did ok for not seeing the layout till that qual & came out with a 4th for the round. In between the 1st & 2nd rounds I took a little time to get on the track & just get a little practice in. I noticed the track as starting to get a little groove in it so I changed the setup & tires. When the 2nd round started I knew I had made the right choice & I got off to a great start & was clicking off fast laps. I was still struggling with a couple parts of the track & making mistake but it was coming to me. Once again in between rounds I got a couple minutes of practice & got the track dialed in. In the 3rd round I got off to a great start & was able to take over the lead on the track & in time by the end of the first lap. I knew if I could keep a solid pace & push I had the speed to take the TQ. Halfway in the 3rd round I was the only 4wd SC to be on an 11 lap run so I just kept charging & running my pace. I kept it clean & toned it back just a little and was able to take the TQ spots by over 11 seconds. I fell off the 11 lap run playing it safe but I wasn't worried about the fast race all I wanted was the TQ.
In the main I was ready to go and feeling confident that I had the fastest truck all I had to do was run my race & not get caught up. When the tone sounded I got away from the field & was off to a great start. 2nd & 3rd were battling & that allowed me to stretch it out early. About 2 minutes in I had a 12 second lead & was on cruise control until the epic fail happened. The low battery warning went off on my radio & I wasn't sure how long I had until it went completely dead so I just kept running as the alarm went off. I ran for about another 3 minutes and the radio finally shut off. I wound up a couple minutes short of the sweep. I was bummed that the radio went dead but I was pleased with the way it performed all day. My Tekin powered OFNA Hyper 10sc was good all day & my AKA tires were dialed. The new Radio post radio was flawless all day. I just made a rookie mistake & forgot to charge the battery. I will know next time when the life battery gets around 6v it goes dead really fast.
Thanks to all my sponsors for your support this year.

DM1spec wins 1.2.3 in Chile - 7/22/12 by davegm
Reported by BuggySport - I don't have any write as of yet.. only the headline. " GT Nitro Class Results - end of semester Championships in Chile"
 Pos  Driver  Car
 1st  Marcelo Echeverria
 2nd  Julie Ceballos
 3rd  Daniel Lopez

Hyper 10sc dominates at OCR Raceway - 7/5/12 by davegm
Reported by OCR Site - Driving his Hyper 10sc Miller takes the A SC Truck Podium and WOW HoBao Hyper 10sc domination! Kevin Miller running a Hyper10SC takes a commanding win in the very competitive Short Course Truck class, Tony Knauth back gets 4th.

 Pos  Driver  Short Course
 1st  Kevin Miller  Hyper 10sc
 2nd  Karlo Dayap  Hyper 10sc
 3rd  Phillip Ciccone  Hyper 10sc
 4th  Tony Knauth  Hyper 10sc
 5th  Shane Ussher  -
 6th  Beau Harris  -
 7th  Michael Evans  Hyper 10sc
 8th  William Brown  Hyper 10sc
 9th  Dana Offord  Hyper 10sc
 10th  Ryan Tranthem  Hyper 10sc

DJ gets X3 Sabre-E 2nd place at O'Donnell Champs - 6/15/12 by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate - Over the weekend I got the chance to run my new buggy the X3 Sabre-E in competition at Revelation Raceway for the O'Donnell Champs, I've had a few runs on it indoors but now it was time to stretch the legs for some long straights and super high flying action. With a 2150kv motor strapped in and 4 cells to power the Sabre-E it was set to go fast. I just arrived 5minutes before the start of my race so I now practice time to get in so this was going to be interesting on how the car was going to be. Locked in some AKA Enduros and raced my way to the 2nd spot in qualifying in the 1st round, the next round I did a tire change and put on some Gridirons and the Sabre was feeling more aggressive but I got some narley crashes going for it and it slowed my pace down but I still managed to keep my 2nd place starting position for the race.
  The track looked like it was still good for the Grids for the main but it was looser for the race so I started to pace to stay with first but my patients got the best of me as I ran out of it and wanted to take 1st so I did but in turn I crashed hard later  that gave the lead back and dropped me back with 3rd, so now I'm battling to keep my 2nd in tact. We raced hard and made so many mistakes that the lead stretched it out from us so we were the only battle but Arron took a hard hit into a pipe and broke his ride and I continued on to hold for 2nd. The X3 felt really good and I enjoyed launching it over MT. Revelation and watch it soar with great jumping abilities just like my Nitro powered Sabre.

Malott and his Hyper 10sc takes podium at AMS - 6/9/12 by DJ
Reported by Michael Malott - Over the weekend I traveled to Cullman, AL for the Alabama Manufacturer Shootout. This was one of the biggest events I have ever been to so I was a little nervous going into it and I wasn't sure what to expect but I have been putting in a lot of time and work to get my stuff where I wanted it to be and I was ready for the challenge. When we arrived there were already a bunch of the top Pro's and manufacturer's  setup and on hand so I knew all the top guys around and a lot of faster guys from across the country and the south would be there so making the A mains was going to be a tough task. I ran my OFNA Hyper 10sc in the Open 4wd SC class and managed a podium spot for the weekend, here's my report.
Open 4wd SC
I have been running really well in this class so this was the one I was hoping for the best results in. In practice I went with my normal setup to start with and made a couple changes after the first couple of times on the track and then the third time out the truck felt really good so I decided to try that. On Friday when the quals rolled around I was pretty happy with the truck and ready to go. The first qual started and I got off to a good start and everybody was spread out pretty good so I was able to get in some clean laps and had a very solid run. I won my heat and ended up 2nd for the round behind Ryan Lutz so I was stoked with that. In the second round the track had started to groove a little more so I wanted to make a tire change and test out how those would be. I had another solid run but was just a little bit slower then the first. I still was able to get a solid 4th so I knew I had the speed to stay in the top 5. In the 3rd round after the re sort i was sitting 3rd and I was happy with that. I stayed with the same tires and once again they were good. I was able to stay close to the leaders in the qual and come away with a 3rd for the round locking me into a top 3 starting spot for the double A mains.
In the mains I would start in the 3rd spot and I knew I would have to be solid because the top 2 were going really good and from 3-9 we were all really close. In the first A I got off to a good start but got taken out on the first lap and dropped to 7th. I was able to recover really well and put in a solid run picking off spots in the next few laps. On the last lap I had gotten to the 4th spot and the guy running second had a battery dump and that allowed me to move to 3rd. I was happy with a 3rd but knew I had to have a better start in the next A and stay up there if I wanted a shot at the podium or a top 5 finish. In the second A main I once again got out to a good jump and made it through the first couple sections and through the crashes only to crash myself and drop back to the 5th spot. I recovered and got around a couple of guys to make it back to 3rd. I knew if I was able to stay in the top 3 i would assure myself a podium. I stayed smooth and consistent for a couple laps and got tangled with a lapped car and that dropped me back down again. I put my head down and put in a charge and worked my way back up to the 3rd spot where I would finish for the round. With both rounds in the books I was able to go 3-3 in the double A mains and that consistency would put me in the 2nd spot overall for the weekend and on the second step of the podium behind Ryan Lutz. My Hyper 10SC, Tekin electronics, AKA Tires, Radipost gear, and PT RC oils performed flawless on my 4wd SC for the weekend and powered me to a 2nd place finish for the weekend.
Thanks to all my sponsors for the great products and giving me the chance to run for all of you. I feel like I have the best program I have had in years and the results are really starting to show very well.
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X3 Sabre's make make the A-mains at Grass Roots Pro-line race - 5/27/12 by DJ
Reported by DJ Sandate - During the Memorial Day weekend Grass Roots Series had their race at World Championship facilities of Pro-line, Levi Jackson provided the messaging of track into a wonderland of jumps and deep whoop sections. It was such an AWESOME layout as it was a 2-n1 track for EP off-road and Nitro. We had a group of five Sabres show up and we pitted together to show our strength, I only wish we had more guys there and should have. We had X3's in most of the buggy classes and we all either raced our way into the A-main or had a good qual time to be there. I myself had to race in as I was being ping pong all over the track in my quals to put me 4th in the B-main it was a little disappointing being I had a good car but other cars did not get the feel of the track and bounced me around. I also entered the old Foogie Class 40+, that was better and showed how good the buggy was as I was able to start 2nd. The B-main for Amateur got to a great start and I was pulling away  to put myself 13th in the A-main, a change of fresh AKA Gridiron Tires and I was ready to get going for the Main. It was good start as the front pack except for the leader got bunched up and I went around to get the 1st lap on P6, only to get even better as the drivers ahead of me were making mistakes and I was going by settling into 3rd getting to 2nd and battling for laps with Dylan Elliot  for the #2 spot, it was killer racing as we were nose to tail swapping over and over from turn to turn but that was only letting the leader get away. At the 9min. mark I was told to come in for a pit while still battling for #2 but that all went away as I came in and my engine went into fuel shock and flamed out at the end of pit lane. AHHHH!!!! is what I heard around the track as I knew we had people cheering to get back in the fight, but the damage was done and we fell back to 9th finishing there for that main. I was bumbed but was happy on our solid run.
  The 40+ was another battle with Losi Driver Mike Lablanco, as Don V. just gets away from us and racing begins where it ended back at Palm Desert Raceway as we have been doing these two races but I managed to take both races and finish 2nd. In all it was such good fun racing with more and more X3 drivers, it was good to have you guys out there racing.

Thanks to Mario,Gil,Pierre,George for going out and racing and showing your speed, till next time for the next Grass Roots back to Hemet Competition Raceway.  

Michael Malott gets a mud run win at the Local Joe Series - 5/12/12 by DJ
Reported by Michael Malott - The first round of the Local Joe race series kicked off last weekend at SRI Raceway in Louisville, KY. They had a great turnout with 168 entries. I signed up for Pro 4wd SC and 1/8 Electric Buggy which were the 2 biggest classes with 40 in E Buggy & 42 in Pro 4wd SC. I knew it was going to be a long day & it was going to take some good runs to even be in the A mains or at the top of the sheets.

The Pro 4wd SC class was the biggest class of the race day with 42 entries. I had went through my OFNA Hyper 10 the week before the race & I was feeling confident about the way the truck had been over the winter. I got to the track early to try and get a couple pack on the truck & get it loosened up & all the new parts broken in. I changed the setup a couple times in practice & finally found a setup that I was comfortable with. The first round of quals kicked off & my truck was starting to get better. I was able to take TQ for the round & the only 4wd SC to be on an 11 lap pace. The second qual came around & I made a tire change to try & see if I could better my time & to just try different things that would work later in the day. The tires I went to were a little slower & I slowed down a little. On other guy stepped it up & beat my TQ from the first round by 2 seconds. I knew I had to step it up & go back on the tires I was fast on. The track had gotten a lot faster the 3rd round with the overcast skies moving in. I got off to a good start & the leader & I were both ahead of the overall TQ pace by 7 sec. We were on almost identical times about halfway through the qual I started pushing the pace a little more & took over the lead with about 1 minute to go I jumped the quad & a wind gust caught my truck in the air & I couldn't correct it & I crashed on the landing handing the lead back over. He ended up taking the overall TQ by .8 sec. I was bummed but I knew I had the pace & I was ready for the main. The overcast skies brought in some rain & the track was getting wet. The track took a vote to finish the races as long as the rain stayed at a drizzle. Halfway through the mains the track had gotten really wet & the rain had picked up a little so they started cutting the mains down. The main came around & I really didn't want to have to run but almost all the guys in the class decided we should so I was game. When the main got started I got off to a terrible start. The leader stumbled & I got into the back of him spinning my truck around & up over the tube. The whole field went by & I was almost down half a lap before the first corner. I was already not happy about running the main so I started charging really hard & making passes left & right. About halfway through the main I had gotten to 4th & the lead pack was right in front of me. The track was so muddy & the trucks were starting to get so heavy & weighed down with all the mud that you could barely do the jumps. The leaders were starting to slow down and singling the jumps. My Tekin Pro 4 powered truck was still able to do some of the jumps & I was able to get around & into 2nd after a couple of the guys had thermal shutdowns & had to pull off. With about 1 minute to go I had reeled in the leader & made the pass on him. I got around for the lead & was able to cruise in for the win after he pulled off after his truck had a thermal shutdown. At the end of the 8 minute main I had came out on top and was the only truck not to thermal or run out of battery. It was the muddiest & nastiest race I have ever been a part of. The truck weighed about 14 lbs. with all the mud on it but my Tekin power & AKA tires pulled me to the win.

All in all it was a pretty good day. Thanks again to all my sponsors for giving me awesome products to run.

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Chad wins with his Nexx10sc 4x4 - 5/8/12 by davegm
Reported by Chad Bradley - Some Nexx10SC action at Hot Rod Hobbies - I finally got a little break from some nitro racing and finally got to do some racing with my Nexx10SC! Strait from the main at Nitro Challenge, I busted out my truck for some club racing at my local track and it worked perfect. Kinda of light turn out Friday night but the racing was still good and a new layout to race on. The layout is fun and pretty technical, there's a unique snake burm on the left side of the track, that the fast line is to cut over the burm to use both inside parts. Next on the layout is an easy step up and into a triple that's important to stay tight on the landing (best place to pass), after a couple 180's is the step up table top that has a jump at the end of it that you triple off. This jump is hard to time, the best line I figured out to land the triple smoothly is jump far onto the table top and take advantage of the light weight Nexx10SC and triple off. The last jump is split double just before the sweeper leading onto the front strait. Onto the racing, I was able to TQ both rounds of qualifying and was able to hit some lap times less than a second slower than the nitro cars! We ran a reversed grid for the 8 minute main, I was able to get up to second on the first lap and take the lead on the second. I took a corner little tight and wreck and lost the lead to Fowler, couple laps later I got back into the lead and took the win over Mike Allen who finished second and Kelez in third.

4x4 Short course A-main Video

 Driver  Short Course
Chad Bradley

Mike Allen TLsc


Pierre Kiti get his win in his three day old X3 Sabre at Grass Roots #4 5/6/12 by DJ
Reported by Pierre Kiti - Sunday was the 4th round of the Grass Roots Series out at Palm Desert Raceway, so me and a group of others from our local San Diego clan headed out there to do some racing and enjoy the 90+ whether. The day started out well as I began to practice with the new Hong Nor X3 Sabre. I set out to get a feel for the car and new track layout. The X3 Sabre and tire choice felt great! Quals began and I was off to a good start as I won my first heat in the Sportsman Class. Everything worked well, so I decided to not make any setup changes and go into the next round the same. Round two went well and I ended up winning that qual too. This put me in third overall qualifing for the A-Main. The main started out well and I was off to a early lead. I then traded positions for the lead a few times but kept a steady pace. After I pitted at 8 minutes, I was in 2nd place and shortly after a few laps the leader flamed out. From then on out I held onto the first place position and was able to lap 2nd place and take home the win. This was my first race with the new X3 Sabre and I only had the buggy for just a few days prior to the race, AWSOME RIDE!

In  the other class of 40+, Dj our Team Manager headed out with us and raced his way to a 2nd place for the class, He was also driving the Sabre. We both had a very good day of racing challenging for positions and using good strategies to make the podium. Dj told me that I was the third X3 to take wins in the Sportman class in the last three Grass Roots Races, first James Grossaint, then George Ghaby and now me. I'm sure that the next race will have more X3's battling it out for the win.

X3 Sabre win in La Paz Mexico for the Baja Nitro Challenge 4/29/12 by DJ
Reported by Gil Alontoga - Journey started driving down to La Paz, Mexico for the 2nd annual Baja Nitro Challenge. Arriving there and inspecting the track was key to finding the correct setup and tire that would eventually lead to winning the event in pro buggy. After the first day of practice I decided to raise my shock oil by 2.5 to 45 front and 35 rear. I starred of with our fellow driver DJ Sandate's base set up.  Raising shock oil made a huge difference with it being so hot (90-95deg.). After running half of my first qualifier and having engine problems, I  borrowed an engine from a good friend of mine and went for it all in the 2nd qualifier. Tq'd and fast lap the 2nd qualifier, while still trying to tune the borrowed engine for the third qualifier, I went for it again. The track had changed so much due to the type of sandy dirt and amount of traffic that drove on the track that my tire choice wasn't the best. I fell of the Tq pace with 1 minute to go on the clock on the third qualifier, as the track got really bumpy and loose. We all prepped the our cars in the night for mains the next day, I Qualified 2nd overall in qualifying therefore did not have to run the semi's, top three had to just run the main. In the main I started right behind Hot Bodies Mexican pro driver Felipe Martinez, the tone went off and immediately Felipe and I ran away from the pack switching position almost every two laps for the first 10 minutes. My Hong Nor X3 Sabre was so easy to drive under pressure that I didn't have a worry in the race I would have a great performance. After a huge crash from Felipe that allowed me to gain about half a lap on 2nd place. I never looked back and was able to stretch my lead to almost a 2 lap lead, after driving 30 minutes I crossed the finish line while driving on stock Hong Nor tires that came with the kit, amazing that these tires would help me get the win. My X3 Sabre was outstanding and from going to my local high bite track to a track I don't run on regularly with a looser condition, just small changes made the buggy adapt and handle,in just a short time I have managed to keep my pace and go faster. After I won I had plenty of inquiries on the new car, it's a good win for the Sabre.

Grass Roots #4 in Sportsman is won by Ghaby in his X3 Sabre 4/22/12 by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate- George Ghaby took his win for race #4 at the Grass Roots Series as it took place at Hemet Competition Raceway. With temps in the 90's the track would change fast during the qualifiers as it would go from a watered track during the warm-up to quickly drying fast for the race so getting used to the change would prove a challenge. The track itself was also very technical with elevation changes, short but high triple section, and tight kicker whoop section and a very fast 5 pack double-double-single section( this is were it would be the equalizer during the the races). Ghaby would take his X3 to the top of the grid for the TQ keeping it together in his 2nd round to take the top spot for the main.
  The main would be a little rough at the start as the grid was really close together Ghaby would start first but the first corner was not there for him as he caught a pipe taking him back a couple positions before the first jump and would have to work back to 1st after two laps as other drivers were wheeling each-other and getting tied up for Ghaby to catch fast. The 15min. race would have the X3 stretch its lead lap by lap for a two pit strategy, but on the 2nd pit George flamed out getting fuel but the lead was so far that he still maintained the margin for 1st and continued on for the win. This was a good win for George as he showed good speed even from the last Grass Roots race at Thunder Alley and was leading that race when he had engine malfunction that cost him the win, so this is redemption.

                         Congrates to George for the win

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X3 Sabre wins at Grass Roots #3- 3/25/12 by DJ
Reported by James Grossaint - Friday:   It all started with 1 phone call, Dj & I were off to the world famous Thunder Alley in Beaumont California. Sunday would be Rnd 3 of the Grass Roots Series & at a track like Thunder Alley race day prep isn't enough. With tons of elevation changes, woops, large check up jump & a huge transition jump this layout would require a good setup & controlled line. Toward the end of Friday we both felt like our cars had good setups but Dj was not finished. So with those famous words " one last tank" I threw his car down & watched in amazement as he went full throttle at their check up jump shooting 10' up continuing to push his motor full throttle 20,000 RPM'S doing the PERFECT back flip. Once we all calmed down he continued to back flip until the tank was empty, 7 in all.
 Sunday:    Race day was here & fellow X3 driver George Gaby showed up giving us 3 chances to win! There were 11 Heats & about 85 entries, George & I both ran the Sportsman Buggy class which was stacked with two full heats, Dj ran 40+ buggy with big names such a Barry Baker would prove hard to podium. George & I continued to battle back & forth for TQ both putting up 9 lap runs. George was able to hold me off by 1.2 sec putting the X3 1,2 for the main. Dj battle with low idle issues the first round & after multiple take outs from other drivers round two put him middle pack.
   With dark clouds, cold wind & the threat of rain approaching we were all worried the mains would not run.With mother nature on our side we got to the main. It would be a fast 15 minute race, With a bad start dropping me to last & George getting a clean 1/2 track lead I had my work cut out. I was able to drive clean & run consistent thanks to the X3 & get back up to 2nd place. With lady luck looking over I caught a break when George's motor flamed out giving me the lead. I know had to worry about the new 2nd place which was 8 sec. back. I managed stay calm as my Pit-man DJ was giving me info on where 2nd was at,I drove smooth & let the X3 do its job building a 15 sec. lead going into the last minute. I was able to hold off the field & keep the lead. I want to thank Ofna, Dj & George, all of their help to this win & hopefully more!!!

Dirt Oval Pro goes 1-2-3 at Nitro Barn in Cherryville - 3/10/12 by DJ
Reported by Randy DeLapp - Saturday night indoor dirt oval racing at The Nitro Barn in Cherryville, NC was jamming once again.  This 150+’ smooth as glass dirt oval track provides some great racing.  40+ cars in 4 different classes showed up for a regular club race.  I run the  1/8th scale limited late model class.  I have been blessed with a lot of good runs with my OFNA Dirt Oval Pro car the last few months, including winning the Ice Breakers race back in January.  The only thing that has put a cloud over all of it has been that my nemesis and very good friend, Rick Talbot, has not been there.  I have not been able to beat Rick, who also drives an OFNA Dirt Oval Pro.  The questions would be answered on this night for he made his return.  Practice was not very good for me because I was breaking in a new set of BSR tires and also I spent a lot of time helping Mike Stines, who was running his first race in 1/8th scale limited late model.  In the first round of heat races I had to watch some of the other classes and the times they was turning.  With doing this and looking back on my notes, I was able to make a decision on my setup changes.  This proved to be pretty close.  I tq’d with 44 laps in 4 minutes.  Rick qualified 2nd also with 44 laps in 4 minutes.  I knew then it was going to be a dog fight.  In the 2nd and last heat everyone in our heat was up on the wheel a little more.  Track conditions was getting better and the field really tightened up.  Rick and myself was able to hold on to the top 2 qualifying spots.  We had a quick round of open practice before the A-main. I was on BSR 25’s all the way around.  I bolted on BSR 30’s on the right side and went out and ran a few laps.  I knew then I had a good car for the A-main.  I knew Rick stayed on BSR 25’s as well as the rest of the field.  I had to tip toe through the first couple of laps and I fell to 2nd, but once the car came in I was able to regain the top spot and held it for the rest of the race.  I edged out Rick by 7 tenths of a second for the win.  Finishing 3rd was Arnie Fie, who was also driving an OFNA Dirt Oval Pro.  This was a very big win for me.  The competition level every week is getting better.  Thanks to everyone at OFNA,  BSR Tires and ZnZ Hobbies.
DM-1S Nitro wins the International Copa Del Pacifico 2012 by davegm
Nitro DM-1S #34303, takes the win in Peru at the 2012 Copa Del Pacifico International.  This popular event was attended by all manufacturers and their Pro teams.  The video attached shows a beautiful track and a flawless event.

 Pos  Driver  Car
 1st  Pato Concha(Chile)
 2nd  Paolo Morganti(USA)
 Cobra GT
 3rd  Esven Hase(Germany)

Hong Nor X3 Sabres racing at the Philippine Masters 3/4/12 by DJ
Reported by BoMag an member - We had the Philippine Masters over the weekend & two X3's took podium in A-main while one taking 1st in D main. Not bad since there were only 5 X3's in a field of 60+entries.

The day started out for me doing a 1 tank practice run. Buggy felt OK but not to how I wanted it to be. I talked with a mate & options were thrown in the air on what i can do.. I decided to switch back to the stock rear wheel hex(Huge thanks Denis).  Start of quals the buggy felt much better for the track condition. I set the pace the entire 1st round of quals by being the only one to turn in 17 laps! Possible TQ?  The rest of my quals went ok but with some errors but still managing 17 laps for both 2nd & 3rd quals. By now more people were turning in 17's. Bad news for me as I lost TQ position. However,good news is TQ goes to a mate with an X3!  I ended up starting 3rd on the A-main grid while other X3's started 2nd & 9th on the grid. Barely halfway on the 1st lap, I got rear ended on an off camber turn causing me to flip over By the time the marshal was able to get me back up,I was back last..15th!   Dismayed with what just happened,I repeatedly thought to myself "..easy, it's an hour long race". Got myself settled and back racing. 15min into the main,I was back battling for 3rd.   About 30-35min into the race of the race, still battling for 3rd,traction increased and became to twitchy for my set up (I take it back Denis for not reminding me). This threw my timing off & made me make errors!

At the end,I managed to take 3rd while my buddy who TQed took 2nd!

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