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New Nexx10sc is Shipping! by davegm
The Nexx10sc  is a High Performance 4x4 Short Course Truck. Featuring our Pivot Ball Suspension for smooth handling characteristics, predictable drive and durability. Three sealed oil filled differentials supply the traction to the all wheel drive system putting the power to the ground.

The independent front and rear suspension and oil filled shocks add great stability and will help you blast through rough terrain with ease. The Nexx10SC also has new full size (2.2" outer and 3" inner) short course wheels with detailed styling. The "Bar and Peg" tire has the aggressive feel and the full size short course body with realistic detail and fender clearance give this truck the authentic look.

A Nexx-8 win at WCRC 5/10/11 by DJ

Reported by James Grossaint - Close to 70 entries Friday at WCRC in preparation for Saturday which was the Championship series so many racers were getting their cars dialed. I had my brand new Nexx 8 with no track time ready to go. After a rough first qualifier I was able to learn the car and make a few changes which lead to my TQ run in the second qualifier. For the main I was able to get a clean start, stretch my lead and hold it from Charlie (Team Novak). I was impressed with the Nexx 8, the car is well balanced and smooth.It's a great way to start off with a new car and get a win the first time out. Thanks to OFNA Racing for a superb racing machine, looking forward to bringing more wins to the Nexx-8.   

Malott wins at Local Joe Series-Round 1 at SRI Raceway - 4/30/11 by DJ
Reported by Michael Malott - This weekend I traveled to SRI Raceway in Louisville, KY for the first round of the Local Joe Series. The Local Joe is a 6 race series covering 3 tracks in Southern Indiana & Northern Kentucky. My main focus in the 1st round was to put in a smooth & consistent run & then go from there. I started off running really consistent & not making any mistakes & not pushing the limits. I made a few small mistakes which cost me a few seconds but I ended up setting the mark to beat in the 1st round. I was a little unhappy with the way the car felt in the first round so in between rounds I changed tires & a rear spring & went out for a couple laps of practice & the changes made a huge difference on the loose track. The 2nd round came up and I was very happy with the way the car was handling so I starting pushing to see if I could better my TQ run from the 1st round only to have problems about 3 min. into the run. I was happy with the car just disappointed I had problems. In between the 2nd & 3rd rounds I went out again, ran a few laps & decided I would make another change to start the 3rd round. The 3rd round started & I was setting in P1 so I had clear track for the first couple of minutes so I pushed the pace & started turning fast laps & halfway in I was about 10 seconds ahead of my TQ run in the 1st round. With about 30 seconds to go I made a huge mistake & dropped back a couple seconds. In the last 2 laps my OFNA teammate Brian Bourland & I swapped the lead back & forth a few times only for him to make a mistake at the end & allow me to pull away again & take the top spot in the quals. In the 3rd round I was really happy with my car so I decided to leave it alone & run the same setup in the main.

The main started off really well, my OFNA teammate & I were able to get away from the field early & were starting to pull away. I made a mistake under the bridge section & it took the marshal a few seconds to get to me & that dropped me back to about 5th spot. I knew I had a lot of time left so I put that behind me & started hitting my marks & making a charge. When I got to 3rd I could see the top 2 were starting to battle it out and if I could get to them I would be able to make my moves while they were racing each other. I caught them with about 4 min. to go & stayed right there with them until about 3 min. to go. I made a move on the leaders & went to the inside of both of them coming onto the straight & was able to out power them down the straight to take the lead. Once I got to the lead they were still battling it out & then they tangled under the bridge section. That allowed me to get away from the rest of the field & cruise for the last 2 min. to take the win. I was pumped with the win & to start the series off right. My OFNA/BCE Hyper 9e was awesome & really reacted to all the changes I made throughout the day. My Tekin Electronics, AKA tires, PT RC Racing oils & BCE Products were awsome, they gave me the power, traction & consistancy throughout the day to take TQ & the A-main win.

 1st/TQ  Michael Malott  Hyper 9/BCE
 2nd  Brian Alderman  811e
 3rd  Anthony Russell  VE8
OFNA wins some MMA Wrestling, Oh wins with Hypers at Hot Rods - 4/29/11 by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate - So Jeremy called out for James and I to come out to Hot Rods on a Friday to do some club racing, it sounded like a plan "SO-ROAD-TRIP!!!!" As our trip always comes with a place for some good eating one of kind places in the heart of the L.A. area. This time it was over to Culver City to Johnny's Pastrami, Ohh man so-so good. Back to the road and getting to the track for  some racing and other things, Kortz so us the way on how to TQ and win in both his Hyper 9 nitro buggy and Hyper 10sc. Kortz txtd me to  come over to get whooped by your daddy and that's what happened in buggy class as I got owned, but I got my payback before the daddy whoopin. Kortz flexing his muscles throughout the night and talking about MMA fighting for the weekend had him pumped up to come a pick with me, that was a no-no as I turned him inside out, gave him the pit table rub and the famous "I'll put you in the dirt on the side of this hill if you don't stop". It finally ended by grabbing his money maker driving hand for a submission. Then it was to racing, for Kortz it was a cake walk in SC as battled for the first two laps and poured it on after that to lap the field, it almost looked like he was in slow motion on taking that win with the Hyper 10sc. In buggy he was blistering us early with his Hyper 9 and I was in 3rd in my Nexx-N making the pass on 2nd when MMA some how got on the track and I was checked into the board by my buddy Kortz - too funny we had a blast after that with us two tire locking, wing tying and brake checking each other till the end like I said it too much fun. But Kortz I'm working on some more stamina to go 5 rounds but like I said I'll end you quick in 45 seconds.
Have you checked out OFNA Live on your iPhone and Andriod by davegm
OFNA just upgraded the OFNA Live output to again sync to the New Ustream View App  for your iPhone and Andriod phones.  Get the the Ustream App and see...looks good!  Please note that your data rates will impact video refresh!
Kung's takes the Double at WCRC - 4/28/11 by davegm
randy_kungReported by Randy Kung - For the third round of the West Coast championship Points Series, Randy is leading the series so far and he hopes to extend his lead. Randy Kung ran his HoBao Hyper 10SC In the Expert 4WD SC division. In the first round of qualifying, Randy has electronic issues and didn’t start the race. However, in the second round of qualifying, Randy was able to take the TQ with a 15/5:03. He would earn the TQ point ad start in the pole position for the main. As the tone for the race went off, Randy would have a good 2 second lead by the first lap. He had a good lead when the race was about over, but Randy bobbled and the competition came closer. Randy was still able to hold his position and take the TQ and Win for the third round of the West Coast Championship Points Series.


4x4 SC

Randy Kung
Hyper 10sc

Casey Juarez AE 4x4

Scott Hoaward Hyper 10sc


jason_kungReported by Jason Kung - West Coast R/C Raceway: In the third round of the West Coast Championship Points Series, Jason is also leading in the Expert 1-8th scale class. Today, he runs his Hyper 9 wand hopes to extend his lead. In the first round of qualifying, he tried different tires and had issues in some sections. He was unable to get the TQ. In the second round of qualifying, he set the fastest qualifying time he has ever ran with a 16/5:12. As the main event began, Jason would lead from the pole position and take the win as well finishing in a 16/5:13.


1st/TQ Jason Kung

Scott Howard Hyper 9e

Kaulin Hall

Kortz take some wins at Hod Rods Hobbies on Tues. night - 4/22/11 by davegm
Reported by Jeremy Kortz - Hot Rod Hobbies  13 heats
 I raced both classes 1/8 gas buggy in the first round of qualifing Chad bradley bet me by a lap because I drove like crap but in the second round I can back to beat chads TQ by 3sec. to take the TQ from him!!!  But it
began to rain very hard so they called the races for an hour to see if it would stop raining!!!  But Chad and I left because it was way to muddy to race and to ruin our cars!!!
In SC truck, we only raced one round of qualifying because there was a lot of people and also because of the rain so there was two heats of SC trucks and most of them were the new losi trucks!!!!!!   So in the first hest Bradley and I were in the same heat and it was a heads up start and chad and I battled it out almost every lap but at the end of the 5min race I had gap chad by 6 sec to take the TQ spot away!!!   And the rain came so we all had to pack up.

Nitro 1/8 Buggy

 Driver  1/8 Buggy, Nitro
Jeremy Kortz
Hyper 9 2.0

Chad Bradley

DJ Silva

Hyper 10sc wins as a Rent-A-Ride at Revelations Raceway- 4/23/11 4/23/11 by DJ
Reported by James Grossaint - Revelations on Saturday turned out 7 entries in short course and with Silver State SC around the corner I was saving my truck and left it home. My partner in crime Dj and his daughter Cindy had both brought Hyper 10Sc to play with during practice. I decided to run the Dj RAR (Rent-A-Ride) which was dialed and I held off local fast guy Alan for the TQ until our 3rd qualifier the ESC could take no more and fried because the motor bearing locked up. The night was over, Dj was calling the drivers up to race the main and I was stuck watching, until the Cindy Rent A Ride pulled up and I set the RAR Hyper 10 down and fought till the 7 min main was over narrowly winning. A big Thanks to the Sandate family for their cars!
Robin Nelson wins with the 4x4 Hyper10sc - 4/15/11 by davegm
Reported by Robin Nelson - The Spring Sting at The Badlands RC Supercross track in Myrtle Beach, SC was held April 15th and 16th. The day started out as a nice spring day and ended with the remains of a mid-western storm hitting the area.  With over a hundred drivers, we managed to complete all rounds of qualifying and all of the mains except for the last two before the rain hit.  I ran both HyperStar 1/8th scale buggy and 4x4 open Short Course truck.  I qualified 13th in buggy and TQ'd with my Hyper 10sc.  I went on to win the SC truck main before the day ended. Even with the unpredictable weather, the Badlands track crew did an exceptional job getting the race done.
Chad wins again with his Nexx10sc 4x4 - 4/15/11 by davegm

Reported by Chad Bradley - Night Hot Rod Raceway Friday Night Nationals. In the Pro 4wd SC class, Chad Bradley driving the new Nexx10sc set the time to beat in round 1 of qualifying. There was two full heats in the Pro 4wd SC class, Lyle Spangler set the second fastest time of the night and started second on the grid for the main event. Chad lead wire to wire in the main, he said the Nexx10sc worked very good, wicked fast in and out of the corners and easily made the difficult step off table top in the back. Chad took the win by 10 seconds over Spangler who finished a strong second and Mike D third.

4x4 Short course A-main Video

 Driver  Short Course
Chad Bradley

Lyle Spangler TLR

Mike D.

Another Hyper9e "Winning" at WCRC 4-17-11 by DJ
Reported by James Grossaint - I raced at WCRC on Sunday, It was a busy night with 12 heats and I raced both 4x4 Short Course and 1/8 buggy. I was able to TQ both classes with my Nexx 10sc and my Hyper 9e Bump edition.  Comfortably with a lap on the field in Short Course and 3 sec lead in 1/8. Both Nexx 10sc and Hyper 9 E loved the high bite clay.  In my Short Course heat a couple small fumbles with traffic would cost me the race but the Nexx 10 turned the fastest laps all night.  On the start of my 1/8 main a small pile up gave me a 4 second advantage and I would lead the whole race and not look back stretching my lead to 8 sec at one point, the Hyper 9E was smooth, consistent and easy to drive.

 Pos.  Driver  1/8 E buggy
 James Grossaint Hyper9e
 2nd  Kevin Smith AE
 3rd  Gee 8e

Hyper 9e win at Reo Raceway 4/16/11 by DJ

Reported by Michael Malott - This weekend I traveled to Reo Raceway in Rockport, IN to get some testing done with the new chassis & front end for my OFNA Hyper 9e & new PT racing oils. I got there early for plenty of practice to see what was going to work best for outdoor so I can be prepared for when we have the first big outdoor race in a couple of weeks. 
 The 1st heat came around and I was feeling really confident in my car & in my tire choice for the round. The heat started off really good & I was turning some really fast laps & was on a TQ run. About halfway through I started to make some stupid mistakes & had a couple problems with lapped cars & I ended up turning a 19 5:03 which would be TQ for the 1st round. The 2nd heat I made a tire change & went from a SS Gridiron to a SS Impact. When the heat got started I was turning super fast lap times & was on a 20 lap pace & a new TQ at the halfway point. I over jumped the car jump & ended up pulling the driveshaft out of the center diff so I was done for the round. The 3rd round I made a couple changes to my setup to try & get it a little better. The 3rd round was really good & I was happy with the car but I made a lot of mistakes & ended up only turning 18 laps but I still won the heat. My TQ from the first round was good enough to TQ the class and put me on the point for the main. 
 The 12 minute main got started & I got out to a really good jump & was clicking off fast laps and trying to get away from the field. About 2 minutes in I got into lap traffic & it was getting pretty rough on the track. I started making mistakes & trying new lines to try and get through the traffic. Once I got into traffic that allowed 2nd place to catch up. We both got through traffic about the same time & we were running a very fast pace. We were both pushing each other & making mistakes & trading the lead back & forth. At the 5 minute mark the traffic had cleared really good & it made it a lot easier to race each other. At about the 6 minute mark the 2nd place guy broke & was forced to retire from the race. I got into my groove & started laying down fast laps & was pulling away from the field. At the 8 minute mark I had a lap on the field and & still pulling away. At the end of the 12 minute main I took the win & ended up putting 2 laps on the field. I was really happy with the way my car was running & I am looking forward to outdoors in a couple of weeks. My OFNA/BCE Hyper 9e was dialed all night. My Tekin Power & AKA rubber I was able to have all the power & traction I needed all night. The PT RC Oils provided me with a smooth & consistent ride as well.

Nexx 10sc taking another win at OCRC - 4/13/11 by DJ

Reported by Gaige Herrera - In the Pro 4 short course class, on the brand new track layout Gaige was able to get the T/Q in the second round. There was a round 10 trucks in the class and a total of 60 racers on Wednesday night club racing. By the end of the first lap it seemed like it was going to be a easy win for the Nexx10sc. However with 2:00 minutes to go, got tangled up with lapped traffic, and allowed second place to catch up. It was a close battle with a lap to go till second place bobbled and gave Gaige the win.

 Pos  Driver  4x4 SC
 1st/TQ Gaige Herrera
 2nd  Sean C.
 AE 4x4

Nexx10 sc wins at WCRC-4-13-11 by DJ
Reported by James Grossaint - Wednesday nigh club racing at WCRC was stacked in 4wd Sc with 11 entries. I was late to the track and had one shot to get my Nexx 10sc in the A Main, This was the first race for my new short course and after a battle with lap traffic and fast locals I was able to pull off TQ by 3 seconds. With an 11 car main this would put the Nexx to the test but I was confident because this car was dialed. At the tone I quickly made work on the field and in a break away run 1st and 2nd could get some distance on the pack and I would hold  the lead until the 4 minute mark we I bobbled with a lap car and was left to loose (thanks to marshals having an important conversation) but with the Nexx laying down 1/8 lap times and having no trouble cutting under any car I made my move in the S turn going in hot causing the leader to push out allowing me to thread the needle right by and with clear track I would start to rebuild my lead finishing 3 seconds ahead of 2nd , 3rd and lower were lapped. The Nexx is a serious race car and with a box stock setup can keep up and pass anything on the market.

HyperStar wins at Revelation - 4/9/11 by DJ

Reported by Marc Maglinte - My first race with the 1/8th off-road HyperStar Buggy!  This past weekend I race with the HyperStar at Revelation Raceway in Ontario Ca.  I got there in time to make at least one qualifier in Novice/Amateur class that landed me in second place for the start of the main.  Which put me behind James Grossaint driving his Hyper 9e.  At the start James and I would lead the pack.  In a few laps we were exchanging places between second and third.  By the third the leader had broke, and that put us in first and second.  James had to retire a few laps later so I came into first place and never look back taken the win.  I have been working on set up for the last 3 weeks and it paid off.  All the little changes and tips I got from DJ help out, Thank you DJ!  The HyperStar had a lot of steering and great corner speed, hopefully I can continue to improve on the HyperStar setup to make it even better.

Gaige wins at OCRC driving the Nexx10sc - 4/9/11 by DJ
Reported by Gaige Herrera - Saturday night club racing at OCRC. There was a total of 10 heats and I ran the Pro 4 SC class driving my New Nexx10sc. First qualifier I ended up getting a decent run and went a 14/5:01. Second qualifier I had a really good run and got a 15/5:13 to set a new T/Q. During the main it was a close battle between Gaige and Chris Jaroz driving the new Associated Sc 4x4 until he got caught in traffic and I pulled away to get the win.

ULTRA LX2 RTR is Shipping! by davegm
The ULTRA LX2 RTR  continues the legacy of the ultra series, bringing new innovative features to this hi-performance 1/8th scale off-road buggy. Our research and development team found that this kit was very easy to drive with smooth and consistent handling, thanks to new features such as the 16mm big bore shocks, triad racing tires and dual fiber disc brakes. The chassis has been redesigned for better balance by shifting weight to the center, and the overall weight of the kit has been notably reduced. New improved stone guards, integrated fuel clips and the new cab forward style body top off the new additions to this revamped racing machine.
Nexx 10sc win at Hot Rod Raceway with Chad Bradley 3/29/11 by DJ
Reported by Chad Bradley - In the Pro 4 Short Course class Chad Bradley, driving the Nexx10SC, TQed both rounds of qualifying.  There were around 18-20 drivers listed in the Pro 4 class and 101 total at the Hot Rod Tuesday Night Nationals. In the Pro 4 SC main Chad lead off early in the beginning and pulled from the rest of field by the end of the first lap. It looked to be an easy win for Chad driving the new Nexx10SC however toward the end of the second lap a loose sensor wire caused the truck to loose power for about 10 seconds before starting up again. Bradley had to come back from last and worked his way back to the top 3 and the sensor wire came loose again putting him back down to the middle of pack. With some wire issues taking place in the first half of the main Mike Duncan was way out in the lead and looked to win convincingly, but Chad clicked off some fast laps and made short work of the rest of field and regained the lead with a couple minutes left in the 7 minute main. Chad took the win with the Nexx10SC, Mike Duncan 2nd with the Losi, Tanner Stump 3rd with the Losi.

4x4 Short Course

Chad Bradley Nexx10sc


Mike Duncan Losi 4x4

Tanner Stump Losi 4x4
OFNA Gaige Herrera wins the TLR Series at OCRC -3/29/11 by DJ
Reported by Gaige Herrera - During the 7 week series I ran the pro 4 short course class, driving the Hyper 10SC till the last round when I ran the brand new Hong Nor Nexx 10SC. Through out the series I managed to 3 TQs, get 2 wins and managed to finish on the podium every round. It was a close battle between myself and Aaron Lane for the number one spot in the points all the way till the end when I ended up getting the overall championship by 1 point.

Keep up to date with New Parts and Option Releases! by davegm
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