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X3 Sabre wins at Grass Roots #3- 3/25/12 by DJ
Reported by James Grossaint - Friday:   It all started with 1 phone call, Dj & I were off to the world famous Thunder Alley in Beaumont California. Sunday would be Rnd 3 of the Grass Roots Series & at a track like Thunder Alley race day prep isn't enough. With tons of elevation changes, woops, large check up jump & a huge transition jump this layout would require a good setup & controlled line. Toward the end of Friday we both felt like our cars had good setups but Dj was not finished. So with those famous words " one last tank" I threw his car down & watched in amazement as he went full throttle at their check up jump shooting 10' up continuing to push his motor full throttle 20,000 RPM'S doing the PERFECT back flip. Once we all calmed down he continued to back flip until the tank was empty, 7 in all.
 Sunday:    Race day was here & fellow X3 driver George Gaby showed up giving us 3 chances to win! There were 11 Heats & about 85 entries, George & I both ran the Sportsman Buggy class which was stacked with two full heats, Dj ran 40+ buggy with big names such a Barry Baker would prove hard to podium. George & I continued to battle back & forth for TQ both putting up 9 lap runs. George was able to hold me off by 1.2 sec putting the X3 1,2 for the main. Dj battle with low idle issues the first round & after multiple take outs from other drivers round two put him middle pack.
   With dark clouds, cold wind & the threat of rain approaching we were all worried the mains would not run.With mother nature on our side we got to the main. It would be a fast 15 minute race, With a bad start dropping me to last & George getting a clean 1/2 track lead I had my work cut out. I was able to drive clean & run consistent thanks to the X3 & get back up to 2nd place. With lady luck looking over I caught a break when George's motor flamed out giving me the lead. I know had to worry about the new 2nd place which was 8 sec. back. I managed stay calm as my Pit-man DJ was giving me info on where 2nd was at,I drove smooth & let the X3 do its job building a 15 sec. lead going into the last minute. I was able to hold off the field & keep the lead. I want to thank Ofna, Dj & George, all of their help to this win & hopefully more!!!

Dirt Oval Pro goes 1-2-3 at Nitro Barn in Cherryville - 3/10/12 by DJ
Reported by Randy DeLapp - Saturday night indoor dirt oval racing at The Nitro Barn in Cherryville, NC was jamming once again.  This 150+’ smooth as glass dirt oval track provides some great racing.  40+ cars in 4 different classes showed up for a regular club race.  I run the  1/8th scale limited late model class.  I have been blessed with a lot of good runs with my OFNA Dirt Oval Pro car the last few months, including winning the Ice Breakers race back in January.  The only thing that has put a cloud over all of it has been that my nemesis and very good friend, Rick Talbot, has not been there.  I have not been able to beat Rick, who also drives an OFNA Dirt Oval Pro.  The questions would be answered on this night for he made his return.  Practice was not very good for me because I was breaking in a new set of BSR tires and also I spent a lot of time helping Mike Stines, who was running his first race in 1/8th scale limited late model.  In the first round of heat races I had to watch some of the other classes and the times they was turning.  With doing this and looking back on my notes, I was able to make a decision on my setup changes.  This proved to be pretty close.  I tq’d with 44 laps in 4 minutes.  Rick qualified 2nd also with 44 laps in 4 minutes.  I knew then it was going to be a dog fight.  In the 2nd and last heat everyone in our heat was up on the wheel a little more.  Track conditions was getting better and the field really tightened up.  Rick and myself was able to hold on to the top 2 qualifying spots.  We had a quick round of open practice before the A-main. I was on BSR 25’s all the way around.  I bolted on BSR 30’s on the right side and went out and ran a few laps.  I knew then I had a good car for the A-main.  I knew Rick stayed on BSR 25’s as well as the rest of the field.  I had to tip toe through the first couple of laps and I fell to 2nd, but once the car came in I was able to regain the top spot and held it for the rest of the race.  I edged out Rick by 7 tenths of a second for the win.  Finishing 3rd was Arnie Fie, who was also driving an OFNA Dirt Oval Pro.  This was a very big win for me.  The competition level every week is getting better.  Thanks to everyone at OFNA,  BSR Tires and ZnZ Hobbies.
DM-1S Nitro wins the International Copa Del Pacifico 2012 by davegm
Nitro DM-1S #34303, takes the win in Peru at the 2012 Copa Del Pacifico International.  This popular event was attended by all manufacturers and their Pro teams.  The video attached shows a beautiful track and a flawless event.

 Pos  Driver  Car
 1st  Pato Concha(Chile)
 2nd  Paolo Morganti(USA)
 Cobra GT
 3rd  Esven Hase(Germany)

Hong Nor X3 Sabres racing at the Philippine Masters 3/4/12 by DJ
Reported by BoMag an member - We had the Philippine Masters over the weekend & two X3's took podium in A-main while one taking 1st in D main. Not bad since there were only 5 X3's in a field of 60+entries.

The day started out for me doing a 1 tank practice run. Buggy felt OK but not to how I wanted it to be. I talked with a mate & options were thrown in the air on what i can do.. I decided to switch back to the stock rear wheel hex(Huge thanks Denis).  Start of quals the buggy felt much better for the track condition. I set the pace the entire 1st round of quals by being the only one to turn in 17 laps! Possible TQ?  The rest of my quals went ok but with some errors but still managing 17 laps for both 2nd & 3rd quals. By now more people were turning in 17's. Bad news for me as I lost TQ position. However,good news is TQ goes to a mate with an X3!  I ended up starting 3rd on the A-main grid while other X3's started 2nd & 9th on the grid. Barely halfway on the 1st lap, I got rear ended on an off camber turn causing me to flip over By the time the marshal was able to get me back up,I was back last..15th!   Dismayed with what just happened,I repeatedly thought to myself "..easy, it's an hour long race". Got myself settled and back racing. 15min into the main,I was back battling for 3rd.   About 30-35min into the race of the race, still battling for 3rd,traction increased and became to twitchy for my set up (I take it back Denis for not reminding me). This threw my timing off & made me make errors!

At the end,I managed to take 3rd while my buddy who TQed took 2nd!
Malott has another win with Hyper at JCP Raceway 2/26/12 by DJ
Reported by Michael Malott - We had a small group of racers in this class as well. My Pro 4 has been good all year so I decided to run it as well. In the first qual I had a really good run and was able to put in 1 of the fastest qual runs I have ran on the current layout and take the overall TQ for the round and would keep that TQ throughout the whole day. In the second and 2nd and 3rd quals I had trouble and couldn't figure it out. Between the rounds and the main I finally found the problem and was able to get it fixed before the main. In the main I got off to a great start and was pushing hard to get away from the field. Once I got away from the field I settled in and was able to put a lap on the field and cruise home for an easy win. My Tekin powered Hyper 10 SC "Bump" was once again dialed in the whole day and made for a fun day of racing.

New GT-V2e Pro NOW shipping - 10/25/12 by davegm
New GT-V2 Pro Nitro NOW shipping - 10/25/12 by davegm
New X3 Sabre 1/8 Off-Road Pro Buggy! by davegm
New 1/8 Off-Road Nitro Pro Buggy X3 Sabre Pro, p/n #34930!

Randy wins with his OFNA Dirt Oval Pro at The Nitro Barn 2/11/12 by DJ
Reported by Randy Delapp - This past weekend I raced at The Nitro Barn in Cherryville, NC.  This is one of the finest indoor dirt oval’s in the country.  This track’s 60’ straight-aways, 20 degree banked corners, smooth as glass packed clay provides some of the best dirt oval racing there is.  I ran the 1/8th scale limited late model class with my OFNA Dirt Oval Pro.  There was 70+ cars in 6 different classes for just a regular Saturday night show.  This is one of the very few tracks around that lets us run nitro indoors. I started out the day on my BSR 25’s all the way around.  In the 2nd of 3 rounds of heat races, I tq’d with 46 laps in 4 minutes.  By the time the 3rd and final heat rolled around, the track had picked up a ton of grip.  My car went to the tight side, fortunately my OS21VG motor with O’donnell fuel produces enough power to bail me out of that condition. Before the A-Main I made come changes on my car.  I kept the BSR25’s on the left and put BSR 30’s on the right.  I went up one spring rate on the right rear.  This proved to be a great move.  I won the A-Main with 47 laps in 4 minutes.  Finishing 2nd was Shawn Treadaway, 3rd was Steve Scearce, who both also drive an OFNA 1/8th scale Dirt Oval Pro.  I’d like to thank OFNA for the opportunity they give me to drive such a wonderful car, John at BSR tires for providing me the best dirt oval tire made, and ZNZ Hobbies of Lexington, NC for everything else I need.
A Cash Win for Malott with his Hyper 10sc at JCP Indoor - 2/11/12 by DJ
Reported by Michael Malott - This weekend we had a special event at our local track for a fellow rc racer who lost his wife suddenly a couple weeks ago. The benefit race was a great way to give back to a fellow racer, but as all of us being racers, we were also there to have a good time and to try and bring home the win. I decided to run 2 classes as I have been most of the winter I ran 2wd mod buggy and 4wd SC. 
The Pro 4 class was another big class and we saw the best crowd in this class we have had all year as well. My truck has been solid all year and I was ready to try and take home another win in this class for the year. A couple of the guys have really stepped it up and picked up the pace over the last few weeks. In practice my truck was dialed so I didn't make any changes before the quals. In the first qual I was able to get out front early and was making good time on a solid run. Half way through the run my car started acting up and glitching at times but I was still able to put in a solid run and take the TQ for the first round. In the second round I was once again able to get out front. I was trying a new line on the front section of the track and made to many mistakes. I was still able to take the win in the heat but was almost a lap under my TQ time. The 3rd round we had a great battle between myself and the other top 2 guys. I finished 2nd for the round and the winner of the 3rd round was able to take the top spot on the last couple laps. In the dash for cash they inverted the top 6 qualifiers so I started 5th on the grid. At the start of the race I got a great jump and the top 3 guys all took each other out in the first corner. In the second corner I got punted out of the way and had to be marshaled. I got back going again but had been dropped back to 3rd. I started really pushing the pace and quickly closed on the leaders. I was able to make a move on both of them when I aired it out on the triple-single on the front section of the track. I got by both of them and pushed the pace for a couple laps and was able to get away and take the easy win for the cash. In the main I started second on the grid and I knew my truck was fast I just had to not take any chance and make stupid mistakes. The race got underway and the first lap I aired it out over the leader on the front section and took the early lead. The second lap I knew he was going to got for the pass on the front section so I tried to triple again and this time it didn't work and I crashed and had to be marshaled and was dropped back to 3rd. I just settled in and was running a clean smart race slowly reeling in the leaders. They were battling pretty hard and it allowed me to close the gap quickly. I was able to make a clean inside pass on the fast sweeper and get into 2nd from there I was putting a lot of pressure on the leader. We came up on the front stretch section and he tried doing the triple and cased it and flipped over handing me the lead. From there I just ran a good clean race and I had the front triple single down and was hitting it every lap and putting more time on the field and was able to cruise home for the win. My Hyper 10sc and AKA tires were dialed all day. My Tekin RX8, Pro 4 4000 motor, and speedzone batteries gave me all the power I needed to make the front section with ease. The PT RC oils have been so smooth and consistent all year I never have to worry about my shock or diffs oils.
Thanks to all my sponsors for the great products.
Michael Malott
Maglinte takes class win at Arc's Snowman Series - 2/4/12 by DJ
Reported by Marc Maglinte - DJ , James G, and myself went to ARC Raceway in Temecula, Ca. for round 2 of the Snowman Series.  I was able to tq in the first round but back markers in the 2nd round had slowed me down enough to from going faster so I lost TQ.
James was running his X3-Sabre also and was fast starting on the A-main grid right behind me in 4th. In round 2 I made little changes to my X3 and while doing so I went faster but was unable to get the TQ neither did James. So the main in Sportman was going to be another thriller as two X3's were showing the speed. At the start of the race I was able to get out in front and lead the race for some time and James would battle it out with Tom Roberts for 2nd until Roberts mad mistakes for James to get away and charge to the front. At a point in the race James and I where 1 and 2  racing for the lead but working together through traffic dodging left,right and over several cars while still trying race for the win, back markers would eventually catch one of us and dump our buggy and that was James and suffered a flame out while upside down and put him out of contention with just a couple minutes to go. When time expired I crossed the line in the 1st position for the win , my Hong Nor X3-Sabre was so good in the race from start to finish it was not hard to stay up front as the buggy was doing everything it needed to do to win.  Thanks to team mates and good friend , Mike Acero, DJ Sandate and James Grossaint for all the help and advice.
It was a good win and celebration at Pechnaga Casino with a killer dinner buffet, LET'S GO WIN AGAIN BOYS!!!

 Pos  Driver  Buggy
 1st  MARC MAGLINTE  X3 Sabre

Chad wins with his Nexx10sc 4x4 - 2/6/12 by davegm
Reported by Chad Bradley - A descent turnout Saturday night with 8 full heats at Hot Rod Hobbies. In the Pro 4 SC class with a freshly rebuilt Nexx10SC, Chad Bradley set the TQ in round 1 of qualifying and set a personal best overall time with the Novak/Protek powered Nexx10SC. Scott Ashforth and Mark Helms rounded out the top 3 in qualifying. In the 8 min main, Chad lead out at the start while the rest of the pack battled it out on the first lap. Chad cruised to the win while Scott and Mark battled for the 2nd and 3rd positions.

4x4 Short course A-main Video

 Driver  Short Course
Chad Bradley

Scott Ashforth TLsc

Mark HelmsDur..

Hyper 10SC and Malott win back JCP Raceway - 1/25/12 by DJ

Reported by Michael Malott - This weekend I went to a local club race to get some track time and put in some laps. I decided to just run my Pro 4 SC and try some things out on it to see how I liked the changes.
Pro 4 SC : I put in a lot of laps with the truck this weekend and tried a lot of different things. I liked the changes I made but I kept finding myself going back to my original setup and tire combination. We had a pretty good turnout for a club race and they cut it down to 2 qualifiers. I made changes in both of the qualifiers and I could not get a clean run in to save myself and I ended up qualifying 2nd for the night. I was happy with that knowing I was trying different things and trying to get the truck better. In between the last qual and the main I made some more changes and put the truck back to what I had been running and went back to the tires that have been working for me and my truck was on rails. In the main I got off to a great start and was able to get by the leader on the first lap. I was able to get away a little bit at the start and just kept charging and putting in solid fast laps. I went on to take the win and run the only 29 lap race of the class to set a new track record for the current layout. I had a really solid race day and was able to get in a lot of good practice and race laps. I am really happy with my truck and my setup. I look forward to running this class a lot the rest of the winter and over the summer. Pro 4 will be one of the classes I put a lot of focus into at the big races and locally. It is becoming one of the larger classes in our area and I hope to be able to stay up front.

Chad wins with his Nexx10sc 4x4 - 1/13/12 by davegm
Reported by Chad Bradley - The night was cold, little breezy and track conditions a little loose, however a new layout was put in place a few days prior. In the Pro4 SC class, Chad Bradley driving the OFNA Nexx10SC set the time in round 1 of qualifying, Mike Heiman and Mark Helms rounded out the top 3 for the 8 minute main event. A reverse grid order was set for the main meaning the fastest times were put towards the back of the field for the start. After a few laps Bradley settled in the lead and the win, Mike Heiman 2nd and Mark Helms 3rd.

4x4 Short course A-main Video

 Driver  Short Course
Chad Bradley

Mike Heiman TLsc

Mark HelmsTLsc

James and Marc go 1-2 with X3's at Revelation Raceway 1/7/12 by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate - Saturday club racing was at Revelation Raceway and James,Marc and myself wanted to get in some racing action on the fresh new layout. All three of us were running in different classes James in sportsman, Marc in Amatuer and myself (Dj) in expert. James managed to get the Tq in his class in the last round running 10 sec. ahead of the P2 spot, so the race would be all his if he got clear of the start which he did. The first corner was total mayhem as James was free and clear right from the startand managed a sizable lead within the first couple of laps, then it was on cruise control as he continued with his X3 lapping the other racers and taking the win. It was only his 2nd time out racing his new X3 Sabre and got a win, batting .500.

Marc also managed a great finish for the Amatuer class as he started 3rd for the main, same thing would happen at the start of the race mayhem into the first corner even the Tq got tangled up with the 2nd starter but opened the gates for Marc to drive through and come out with the lead after a couple of corners. His lead would continue for most of the race until some traffic got him really tied up and turned over, that allowed for 2nd to come on strong and close the gap on Marc. He pushed his X3 hard trying to put some distance from 2nd but yet again another back marker tossed him upside-down and that allowed 2nd to take the lead with just a few minutes left, Marc finished the race in 2nd well ahead of 3rd and making the strong finish once again. Two 2nd place finish in the past couple of weeks, soon the 1st position will be yours.

I myself had a couple of mishaps during the race first a flameout right at the start and I'm in last place, but charged hard back to 3rd 5 minutes into the race and was trying to push harder to see if I can make it back to 2nd but that cost me as I railed a pipe hard into a S-section snapping my rear hub, oh well somebody has to durable test the X3 and believe me it was one hard hit.

X3 Sabre's are giving James and Marc what they need to finish up front and win. 

Chad wins with his Nexx10sc 4x4 - 1/6/12 by davegm
Reported by Chad Bradley - Hot Rod Hobbies had their monthly Driver Appreciation Night and had over 100 entries for the night. This was one of the last races on the Reedy Truck Race layout, couldn't of come quick enough cause the track is getting rough. In the Pro 4 SC class Chad Bradley driving the OFNA Nexx10SC failed to finish the first round of qualifying after forgetting a screw that holds the outer rear hing pin in place. Chad had to start dead last in the main event, however after getting around the field quickly in the beginning of the main he quickly made his way to the top positions. Chad swapped leads during the first half of the run, but settled down and went on to take the win with the Nexx10SC, Radcliff Brill finished second and Mike Heiman third.

4x4 Short course A-main Video

 Driver  Short Course
Chad Bradley

Radcliff Brill -

Mike Heiman-

Malott brings home some CASH at JCP Raceway - 1/1/12 by DJ
Reported by Michael Malott: The new JCP Indoor track in Indianapolis, IN played host the the new years cash race. It was the biggest turnout of the year so far and the competition was stacked in all of the classes. I had been sick for the past week so I decided to only run a couple of classes and run my Hyper Sc and have the chance to bring home some money.  
Pro 4 4x4 SC - In the Pro 4 class the competition was once again really solid and fast. I had my Hyper 10sc ready to go. In practice I made a couple changes and glued up a new set of AKA rebars and the truck was on rails. In the 1st qual the traffic was horrible and everyone was trying to race like it was the main and all the money was on the line. I got a little frustrated and just decided to pull off and not take any chances or break anything. In the 2nd qual I got off to a good start and everyone had finally settled down. I was out front on a blistering pace having a really good run. I ended up bumping the TQ pace up a full lap and setting overall TQ for the first 2 rounds. In the 3rd round they did a re-sort and the a main qual was really good. I was once again out front setting a very fast pace and was able to bump my TQ time up a few more seconds and take the overall TQ for the day. I was ready to go for the main and I knew I had the speed to stay up front I just needed to be consistent. The main started and I jumped out to and early lead right from the start. The 2nd and 3rd guys were battling and it allowed me to pull away and build a comfortable lead. I was out front and starting to pull away when I cased the triple jump and the truck flew off the track. I dropped about 8 seconds in that 1 lap and allowed 2nd to close the gap. We had a good little battle going for a few laps and he made a mistake and allowed me to get away again. With about 2 minutes to go I had a real comfortable lead when I started hearing a gear noise. I slowed down and started rolling all the jumps because I wasn't sure what the noise was. I had a big enough lead I was able to just cruise in the last 2 minutes. After the tone had sounded I was out on my last lap I decided to jump the finish triple one last time and as I rolled across the line the truck lost all drive. Come to find out a motor screw had backed off and allowed the motor to back off and when I jumped the last triple it backed out all the way and pulled away from the spur.  I was lucky to hold on to the win and take home the cash.
DJ gets X3 Sabre win at Revelation Raceway - 12/28/11 by DJ

Reported by Dave Starks - Yesterday after work I decided to make it on out to Revelation Raceway to go race and hang out with the buddies. I just made it when the first race started to do my turn marshal duties, then it was on to getting the car ready to race. My X3 Sabre was ready and  strapped with Proline Revolver 2.0's and was being pushed by my freshly tuned JL .21 Pro engine. The first round was pretty good being that my engine was a little on the rich side for night racing but managed killer lap times as I TQ'd the first round. The second round was even more consistant as I leaned the JL engine just a tad to get more power and run time from my Sidewinder Strike Team Fuel and put down another TQ run for that round also, now it was time to get that win. A 15min. race in the cold was set and my knuckles were starting to feel it and my Teamate/Pitman Bill Mc Cuene was getting me ready to start the race, I got off the line clean into the turn and off the first jump while 2nd got away clean also but the rest got tied up so for the first 5 minutes it was me and Nick Hernandez battling it out, I stuck to my pace even though Nick and I swapped a couple of times for the lead but in the end I managed to get away while Nick suffered a problem and was out. But his brother Ryan was now in second trying to charge but was 10 seconds away, I just kept it between the lines till the end for the win. The Hong Nor X3 is definitely going to be a contender, with my JL engine, Sidewinder fuel and 2047 pipe it sure was fast.

 Pos  Driver  Buggy
 TQ/1st  DJ Sandate  X3 Sabre
 2nd  Ryan Hernandez  AE8
 3rd  Big Shawn  -

Malott takes another win with the Hyper SC - 12/11/11 by DJ
Reported by Michael Malott - JCP Indoor Indianapolis, IN: I decided to once again run 2 classes over the weekend at out local indoor track. I stuck with the Mod Buggy class and the Pro 4 class. 
Pro 4 : I have been running my pro 4 alot lately and I was feeling very comfortable with the setup so I only ran a few packs in practice to make sure everything was good and ready to go. When the quals started I left off where I had been the past few weeks and set a blistering time to take the TQ for round 1. In the second round I made a tire change just to see if they would give me an better results. The tires were a little loose but the track still had good traction so I was able to take another TQ for the round. In the 3rd round I went back to my AKA SS Rebars and they were the tire to be on. I had a little bad luck in the 3rd round breaking a steering arm trying to jump through a rhythm section that I knew better to try. I still had the fast time of the day from round 1 so I was able to hold onto the TQ spot. In the main I got off to a great start and was able to start to pull away from the field. I ran a smooth clean race and never had to me marshaled once during the race and was able to take the win and put almost 3 laps on the field in the 10 minute main.
Chad wins with his Nexx10sc 4x4 - 12/2/11 by davegm
Reported by Chad Bradley - Racer Appreciation Night at Hot Rod Hobbies: On a cold Friday night, Hot Rod Raceway held their monthly Racer Appreciation Race. Around 95 racers were in attendance Friday for a great night of racing with free dinner and prizes for the winners in their classes. In the Pro4 SC class Chad Bradley driving the OFNA Nexx10 SC set the TQ in round 1 of qualifying, Mike Allen ran fast and set the next fastest time. Normally mains are set to 8 minutes, however since the large amount of entries the Pro 4 main was set for a 5 minute race. Chad and Mike swapped leads on the first few laps, Chad was able to pull away after a few minutes in and eventually took the win. Mike Allen finished second and Mark Helms third.

4x4 Short course A-main Video

 Driver  Short Course
Chad Bradley

Mike Allen TLSC

Mark HelmsTLSC

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