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The new improved Hyper 8.5 has gone through a significant transformation. This semi-pro kit has been upgraded with top of the line racing features making it more sure footed and powerful than ever. increased power has been added with the MacStar 28 engine and a high performance polished pipe that gives you a broader power band. New CNC 7075 aluminum shock towers and 17MM big bore shocks soak up the bumps. Deep braking is not a problem, the new ceramic brake pads will allow you to brake later and retain stability at the same time. The turnbuckles are adjustable in order to fine tune your camber and toe settings. Even more adjustments can be made to: ride height, wheelbase, caster, and shock locations giving you the tools to dial in to any track.
Already proven to be a good mesh from the Hyper 8, the new 8.5X will stay with a c-hub suspension and adjustable turnbuckles to set camber and adjust steering toe. While the steering knuckle is cast aluminum, it is housed with 8x16mm bearings and a universal for smooth operation from left to right and no binding as the suspension travels up and down in those tough conditions.
This RTR has been touched with pro features. The aluminum shocks towers have been beefed up with 7075 CNC shock towers front and rear. No stamped aluminum here. These super strong shocks have mutiple shock positions to dial them in for the ride you need to get going fast. The beautiful grey finish on the towers compliment the radio tray and other aluminum parts on the Hyper 8.5X.
The 6 port MacStar 28 engine offers good power to deliver to the wheels along with plenty of speed. This motor has a large cooling head and a solid built crankcase to keep the engine nice and cool. Equipped with a 3 shoe composite clutch and a bearing loaded clutch bell, the Hyper 8.5X can race or bash when needed.
This radio tray and battery box holds all your electronics together, both throttle and steering servo are held in by the aluminum radio tray while the reciever, power switch and battery are enclosed in the box. All these components can be removed all together when matainance time comes around.
The 2059 Hyper pipe makes this RTR into the semi pro as there is no coupler to hold this pipe together. This is what pro off road buggies have on their cars to last those long 1hr mains. This included feature is one of the first things racers need to upgrade with other RTR buggies as it improves the powerband, fuel milage and speed. This polished pipe gives it the AHHH factor when the body is off.
If the HyperStar can have them why can't the 8.5X, 17mm shocks are also on this buggy. Big bore racing shocks strapped on this RTR makes this another eye opener to this kit. 4.5mm shocks shafts offer long travel and super strength. Another plus, these shocks do not need ride height clips. The shock bodies are threaded aluminum for accurate adjustment of ride height. Also, silicon shocks boots protect the shafts and o-rings from the elements.
With CNC shock towers as a strong addition to the Hyper 8.5X, the chassis had to be there in sync with its 7075 countersunk chassis which is hardcoated for extra wear. It has raised edges for strength along the chassis and stoneguards to keep most of the dirt out. The chassis has been lengthen by 2mm front to back for stabilty for rough terrain and added steering.
2.4ghz is an industry standard and Hobao also makes it standard. This direct sequence radio has multiple trims for dual rate steering, left and right end points, throttle and brake end points, servo reversing, quick adjustment trims for steering and throttle, fail safe and auxiliary third channel. All these features make this 2.4ghz a nice complement to the Hyper 8.5X.









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