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A New Star is Born
The HYPER STAR Pro kit (not assembled) is the newest high performance buggy in the OFNA arsenal. Loaded with a lot of innovative new features improving handling, suspension, and balance. A front Pivot ball suspension system and a B-Type rear suspension has been installed to give you an ultra smooth steering performance and balanced rear traction. Handling in high and low speed cornering has been increased with front and center spider diffs and 17mm big bore shocks. CNC chassis braces have been added to keep the chassis rigid and firm but with enough flex to keep handling spot on. A lightened T7075 CNC aluminum chassis and captured steering links from the steering rack to the steering knuckle are some of the other vast amount of upgrades made to make this kit the high performance buggy of choice.
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Front Pivot Ball Suspension

The HyperStar incorporates a front Pivot Ball Suspension design, also referred to as PBS. This PBS suspension gives the HyperStar a pro feel and adjustability not found in front C-Hub designs. The large CNC aluminum pivot balls are attached by steel threaded shafts making the connection to the nylon knuckle super strong and light weight. Also noted in the picture, you can see a clean arm design flow with attention to detail. Transmission power is provided to the front wheels by a pair of harden steel universal axles supported by large 8x16mm ball bearings.



Hardcoated and threaded, the 17mm big bore shocks provide smooth performance and long stroke travel for tough conditions, rough tracks and supercross style jumps. Add that to the 4mm shock shafts, dustboots and adjustable collars for a good shock package.

  Ceramic Brakes


HyperStar's brakes have been updated with ceramic materials for strong stopping power along with beautifully crafted CNC brake discs. Getting the buggy down to speed or helping with articulation off a jump will not be a problem with these brakes.


Carbon Fiber Radio Tray


The HyperStar carbon fiber radio tray is designed to lower the center of gravity by laying down both servos. The tray is made of carbon fiber to reduce the overall chassis weight. Again, you can see the attention to detail from the nylon tooling and the added touches the HyperStar brings to your purchase.

Newly Designed Center Mount

The newly designed center mount is one molded piece that keeps the center spider gear protected from hard braking and acceleration. The top aluminum plate is eliminated to reduce weight. The brakes are fully covered with a shroud to keep the brake pad dry even when overfilling your fuel tank.

Aluminum Chassis Brace


Hyperstar's big bonuses are the two chassis braces. These CNC braces give strength to the centerline of the chassis for those demanding tracks. Lightened and nicely etched, the braces come standard in the kit.

Engine Mounts


The HyperStar's engine mount sets the engine at 25 degrees of angle. This gives the chassis a better centerline stance without sacrificing the centered driveline allowing the center front and rear universals to be straight and bind free. This signature Hyper 9 design also offers centerline balance for those high CG engine cooling heads.

Fuel Tank


Carried over from the Hyper 9, this 125cc tank provides your engine efficient fuel delivery and solid construction free of air leakage. The tank also includes a brass stone fuel filter inside.

This newly designed radio box packs a lot of features. The flip lid gets you to your battery and receiver. A spring loaded antenna mount ensures no broken antennas. A mount for your switch and intergrated transponder holder/lid so if you can't remember your transponder number you can get easy access.

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