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The Hyper MT Video
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The exciting 1/8 scale R/C Hyper MT Electric is the next evolution in OFNA's legendary line of tough and performance oriented 4wd monster trucks. The fun starts out of the box as soon as you fire up it's high powered performance motor. Dirt eating performance is into the MT DNA with a wide stance, long stroke 17mm super bore shock absorbers, ground grabbing large diameter low profile tires, boxed aluminum chassis, and high powered electronic speed control. Just charge up the batteries, start and go! The Hyper Monster will rip it, crush it, and tear over the top of almost any terrain in wheelie popping style that will impress all your friends. .
Cradled into the motor mounts is a high-powered brushless motor with tons of muscle. This motor puts out so much torque it needs a retainer ring to stabilize it. The retainer ring also holds the long body motor from chassis flex when landing and lateral forces thus keeping the 5mm shaft and the hardened pinion in place.
The Hyper MT electric has big power at high amperage so the large footprint Electronic Speed Control is able to handle the task of producing the power band to push the truck with torque while gaining speed. The ESC also includes a large fan to keep it nice and cool for continuous operation, Just turn the switch on and go, no calibration needed! .
Mega Block steering is just like the SS series but these are big and bold. These large knuckles take on the added force of the Big Lug tires turning, cornering and handling the obsticles ahead of it. The other plus side to these knuckles is they are fitted on all four corners of the truck and are rear uprights, so having parts as a spare are down to a minimum.
Hyper MT needs arms that can handle the challenge of getting smashed into rocks, withstanding high dump landings and full head on bashing collisions. The heavy duty arms were brought into play, thick and strong these arms take on the task over and over again.
Large aluminum 17mm shocks that just look stunning provide spectacular performance, large shock bodies hold a great amount of shock oil to help dampen the suspension and keep the truck huggin the ground. Silver coated and long travel provide equal lengths front and rear, MT is big and so are the shocks. The more it stays on the ground the more you keep the speed!
The battery box and receiver are covered up and inclosed. keeping these electronics parts from getting into harms way. A slilcon switch cover also gets protected from dirt so easy switching on/off is not a problem. No need to tape down the receiver as two screws locked the cover in place and hold the battery and receiver from juming out and getting damage.
The Hyper MT electric battery trays are located on either side of the truss chassis and hold the batteries in tight for extreme action, Two velcro straps hold each 2s(2 cell) battery in place stopping any vertical movement and foam inserts have been included to stop any lateral movement, making it a snug and secure fit for the batteries.
These Big Lug tires are wide-low and full of rip. They have lots of tread for long life and an arrows tread design for aggresive looks give The directional design the cool factor and also high clearance fun. The wheels also are made to look like it should be on a real truck and tells you the Hyper MT will have its own personallity when rolling around the neighborhood.
An aluminum boxed truss chassis is connected to the front and rear gearboxes keeping the main components all in line. The truss provides a high clearance and super strength. Components in the middle like the engine, battery box, transfer case, fuel tank and servos all mount individually and strengthen the chassis further for less side to side flex. The truss has also been cut out to reduce some weight.









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