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UnBox the Hyper Cage Video
Unleash the beast that is the Hyper SS Cage Truggy. OFNA continue to develop their SS platform with the Cage Truggy nitro RTR featuring a full aluminium roll cage over the SS truggy chassis. The Cage Truggy features the latest suspension design for improved traction and stability. Reduced weight over its predecessor provides the SST with improved acceleration for better speed and jumping. Each long throw suspension arm is handled by anti-roll bars and the latest generation 17mm big bore oil filled shock absorbers that feature threaded bodies for fine spring tension tuning. Optimized steering block and hub carrier provide better steering and rough track handling. The installed radio consists of HoBao 2.4ghz 2-channel radio and high quality Savox servos to help truly unleash the performance of the Hyper Cage Truggy. Power is provided by A JL Force .32 engine and polished tuned pipe fueled up by the oversized 150cc fuel tank for longer run times (legal 125cc option available).
"OMG" is what's thought of when you hear about the Cage Plus, strapped in the belly of the beast is the Force .32, all the torque is put in and will launch the Plus down the road. you're gonna love it when you hear it scream.
Your over hub-king pin steering provides extra clearance of the front arms and turns the big tires and wheels without effort. The steering is positive response and drives into corners quickly, it's the lastest in modern buggy design..
A Hyper high polished pipe compliments the JL .32 engine, it will make the JL engine sound like a beast as it is sport tuned for maximun sound and power.
Big bore shocks and front sway bar is a great feature for the Cage Plus, less chassis roll from the swar and strong dampening from the shocks lets the arms do its job handling the terrain.
A strong nylon wing balances the Cage out over jumps and high speed cornering, the shocks again do the work of making the rear soak up terrain and also a rear sway bar for the chassis roll, a strong rear shock tower hold the wing and shocks in place.
An all in one radio tray unit puts all the electronics together, the composite molded tray is light and easy to remove, no aluminum post or crossections to worry about when removing the tray just unscrew from the chassis and with a lift of a couple of fingers your trays is out, great for full on clean of your Plus.
The Cage looks spectacular with orange aluminum anodizing and give the Cage it's impressive look, you know the Plus has business in mind, no body to worry about putting on and launching body clips into the world of no return. Your cage will save you cooling head in the event of crashes and we know there will be some awesome ones too, hammer on the trigger is the name of the game.
A side guard has been added as an extension to the roll cage to help protect the components.
These two are cousins of the Hyper SS series, but these are the biggies of the SS's, the truggy and Cage Plus share the same footprint and chassis layout the only difference is whether you want the sleek looking Orange and Black painted truggy body or the Shiny Orange aluminum that spakles from head to toe on the Plus, the Cage puts on more metal as the truck adds strength to the chassis and protects from side impacts.









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