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UnBox the H4 Pro Video
The OFNA H4 is the next evolutionary step in touring car chassis designs. Performance, durability, and ease of maintenance makes this touring chassis a real pleasure to race and work on. Racers will appreciate the new suspension system, the new 'Turntite' steering knuckles, and the new large bore 'Shortstack' shocks with 'Hefticoil' oversized springs. Crew chiefs will appreciate the ease of changing differential setups with it's 'Diffquick' mounting system, ease of belt tension adjustments, and most of all,the way the chassis response to the changes you make in your set-up for your drivers demands.

A narrow carbon graphite'Tractune' chassis makes the car flexible but firm. This gives superior handling and performance professionals require to be competetive. The carbon fiber upper and lower deck keep the weight at a minimum helping to give it a well balanced ultimate handling chassis, giving the racer the extra edge. Low friction dual belt drives are efficient and tension adjustable, leading to a morte efficient drive train.

•The new 'Turntite' steering knuckle design provides more durability, less weight, and less slope when compared to traditional C-hub designs.

•CNC clamping 12mm wheel hex drives.

•Special 'Duel CVA' joints allow super smooth drive action at extreme steering angles

•Front Double CVA for better on power steering and less axle and wheel vibration.
New super smooth low profile 'Shortstack' large bore shocks are a first of their kind to lower the center of gravity and keep the tires under control even with light viscosity oils. The new special aluminum hard coat finish leaves the surface extra smooth and does not leave a crackled or dark finish. Also easy to build and easy to adjust.

•Self-centering sway-bar system

•Adjustable antisquat, adjustable rollcenter, adjustable wheelbase, and adjustable rear toe.

•Super smooth, super lightweight rear gear oil filled differential.

•Foam bumper and heavy duty body mounts keep the body on and the parts in place on hard impacts.
•Lightweight front CNC spool with hard anodized aluminum drive cups. •Adjustable steering ackerman.
•Floating servo mount prevents 'chassis bind' and allows chassis to flex and twist without holding a tweek.
•Low Motor Mount & Spur Gear for a lower center of gravity helps decrease chassis roll.
•CNC Steering Rack with bearings for precise steering feed back









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