Part #14275, 14276
UnBox the Buggy 8 Nitro Video
If You want stunning looks and powerful performance then get the Buggy8 the latest OFNA RTR that should have you drooling. Buggy8 gets moving with our all powerful .28 Force engine, a beast by RTR standards. The Buggy8 plays for keeps with fully sealed bearings that will have you yarding your buddies rides making them feel like your cheating. The body for the Buggy8 tells you that it means business with a cab forward body in your choice of colors Blue or Red. Additional racing features include: big bore aluminum shocks, super strong arms, front and rear sway bars, front CVA's, dual stage air filter, aluminum shock towers, and adjustable turnbuckles. You'll tell you buddies that it's an RTR but it was born to race. Rough-Tough-Radical
Big block power propels the Buggy in the right way fast and foward, the Force .28 engine puts down powerful low end torque and speed. A supersized cooling head to keeps this monster cool run after run and a dual stage air filter prevents your engine from getting harmful particles down deep into the engine.
The steering kingpin is an updated design with caster in the hub carriers, this steering set-up makes the turning radius sharp and quick and with conditions of the terrain your taking on the combination of suspension travel and full steering are not compromised, adjustable turnbuckles throughout the Buggy 8 help you change camber and front toe this further helps the steering for better tuning of the suspension.
As with all the differentials in the Buggy 8 they are oil filled and sealed and the center however is the driving force between the front and rear power transfer maitaining traction and forward motion, two cnc cut fiber disc brakes makes the Buggy 8 stop quick and individual front and rear brake levers give you brake bais for more front brakes for stability or more rear brake for more foward motion steering.
This suspension has strong and durable parts to keep the RTR playing all day, large volume 16mm aluminum shocks soak up the abuse you'll put it through mounted with a thick aluminum shock tower, 8mm front arms,sway bar and front cvd's this tells you it was made to take it to the track. You can make position changes to the front for mutiple set-up as you can change roll center, camberlinks,shock positions, arm positions and front toe.
The rear suspension shows as much detail as the front goes, longer travel aluminum 16mm shocks connect to the robust arms and heavy duty shock tower. This rear suspension will also have a sway bar and stone guards to keep large objects from tearing up your dogbones. The buggy is also designed for mutipule set-up changes with roll center,wheelbase,uprights,shock positions and oil sealed differential, the set-up is endless for the right tweak.
A servo saver helps the metal gear servo from burnout and the suspension torques and flexes constantly anlong with the left and right turning, a spring on the servo saver steering system takes away full lock from hard running, full lock turning and big landings. The steering draglink is aluminum and can be adjusted to three akerman positions for the right type of steering you want without the need of mutiple draglinks. It's quick and easy to change.
Buggy 8 is equipped with a new advanced fuel clunk tank, this 125cc tank still stays within the racing guidelines but as a added bonus the tank has an internal clunk to keep the engine from flameouts as mistakes can have you upside down, this is where the cluck is needed as it continues to dump fuel upside down or rightside up. The only way you'll flameout is when you run the tank dry. intergrated fuel clips help you route the fuel tubing the right way and keeps from bouncing around.
To keep the forces of nature out of your drivetrain the Buggy 8 are equipped with rear mudguards keeping the mud from getting attached to your dogbones and adding rotational weight and slowing your accelration action down besides the mud from getting wrapped up, it keeps out of the drive cups and bearings requiring less matainance and less wear and tear.









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