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UnBox the Buggy 8 Nitro Video
The 1/8th buggy world had gone into two directions as there are guys that just want electric power only and do not wish to deal with tuning the all powerful nitro engine. So for them simple and easy electric power gets them going by an on and off switch and for OFNA we have made both creeds Buggy8 and now Buggy8-e your 1/8th electric RTR a buggy that wants to tear the tires off the wheels and wears out your front lawn. The Buggy8-e has bolted in a 1900kv electric motor and high amperage electronic speed control and that means you"ll go ripping past the speed limit down your street and your friends will be twinging at the knees wanting to drive your buggy. The Buggy8-e cab forward body is so fast looking it will say speed even at a slow roll, two color choices will make it hard to choose but either way Buggy8-e DNA is all under the body. Buggy8-e keeps the LCG low with two side-saddle battery holders keeping the batteries laying as low as possible, big bore shocks has the the Buggy8-e steam rolling over the terrain and jumping into the sky, CVA's, adjustable turnbuckles, aluminum shock towers, sealed bearings, 2.4ghz radio system, nylon wheels and wing with strong suspension arms gives the Buggy8-e strength and superiority. For an RTR this is one tough buggy. Get yours now, ain't nothing funner than getting dirty.
Buggy 8-e brushless power is done with a 1900kv motor, this motor provides the torque,speed and run time. This large can is cnc cut with circular cooling fins to help dissapated heat away from the core of the motor, the can measuring 68mm x 41mm gives the 6 pole motor it's power package. The sensorless motor is also attatched with a 15 tooth mod 1 pinion that grab on to the 5mm shaft.
OFNA has powered up with Toro and our Buggy 8-e to give you this electronic sensorless speed control that is all so easy to use as our RTR is set to plug "n" play. Just take two 2s Li-Po batteries(40c or more prefered) and turn on the switch for some action, pull on the trigger and go digging in the dirt. The power of the 6 pole motor and the Toro ESC makes for nasty combo.
The steering kingpin is an updated design with caster in the hub carriers, this steering set-up makes the turning radius sharp and quick and with conditions of the terrain your taking on the combination of suspension travel and full steering are not compremised, adjustable turnbuckles throughout the Buggy 8-e helps you change camber and front toe this further helps the steering for better tuning of the suspension.
This suspension has strong and durable parts to keep the RTR playing all day, large volume 16mm aluminum shocks soak up the abuse you'll put it through mounted with a thick aluminum shock tower, 8mm front arms,sway bar and front cva's this tells you it was made to take it to the track. You can make position changes to the front for mutiple set-up as you can change roll center, camberlinks,shock positions, arm positions and front toe.
The rear suspension shows as much detail as the front goes, longer travel aluminum 16mm shocks connect to the robust arms and heavy duty shock tower. This rear suspension will also have a sway bar and stone guards to keep large objects from tearing up your dogbones. The buggy is also designed for mutipule set-up changes with roll center,wheelbase,uprights,shock positions and oil sealed differential, the set-up is endless for the right tweak.
A servo saver helps the metal gear servo from burnout and the suspension torques and flexes constantly anlong with the left and right turning, a spring on the servo saver steering system takes away full lock from hard running, full lock turning and big landings. The steering draglink is aluminum and can be adjusted to three akerman positions for the right type of steering you want without the need of mutiple draglinks. It's quick and easy to change.
To get the Buggy 8-e powered up you will need two 2s Li-Po battery packs (40c discharge rate more) with 4 cell driving your buggy you will have big air and roosting speed. The batteries are set to be as low as possible as they lay low fitting the body over nice and tight. LCG is always a mainstay for cars and we got this right.
To keep the forces of nature out of your drivetrain the Buggy 8 are equipped with rear mudguards keeping the mud from getting attached to your dogbones and adding rotational weight and slowing your accelration action down besides the mud from getting wrapped up, it keeps out of the drive cups and bearings requiring less matainance and less wear and tear.









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